Jeep Liberty A/C Compressor not Engaging

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep A/C Compressors
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3 Tips to Check your Jeep Liberty AC Compressor

If your Jeep Liberty A/C Compressor Clutch on your is not engaging, and you have verified that there is power to the AC Compressor Coil, try the following three testing procedures:

  • Check the voltage of the A/C pressure transducer. The Dark Blue wire should be about 1 volt with key on engine off. The voltage corresponds to pressure like this: 1v @ 100 psi, 2v @ 200 psi, 3v @ 300 psi.
  • Check the switch input to the Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM sends out 12v on the Brown wire.
  • Jumper the A/C low pressure switch. This switch must be closed to allow the A/C clutch to engage. There should be 5v or more on one wire and the other wire is a ground.
New Jeep Liberty A/C Compressor

New Jeep Liberty A/C Compressor

Jeep Liberty A/C Compressor; $161.84 (New)

Unfortunately, the A/C Compressor Clutch is not readily available for the Jeep Liberty.  Sure, you can get it from your local Jeep dealer, but it’ll cost you.  That cost is typically much more than the entire aftermarket Jeep Liberty A/C Compressor (with Clutch).


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