1997 – 2006 Chrysler Dodge Mitsubishi New AC Compressor

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep A/C Compressors, Mitsubishi A/C Compressors
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TechChoice Parts

New MSC90C A/C Compressor

New Chrysler Mitsubishi A/C Compressor

New MSC90C Air Conditioning A/C Compressor Complete With 5 Groove Clutch Assembly For Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Stratus, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Galant, Lancer, And


MSC90C With 5 Groove Pulley, 3.75″ Diameter.
The Accumulator or Filter Drier should always be replaced when the Air Conditioning System is opened.  (see why)  The Orifice Tube, if equipped, should always be replaced and the Expansion Valve, if equipped, should at least be inspected for proper operation if not replaced.  (see why)
Cross Reference:
ACDelco: 15-21032
Chrysler / Mitsubishi: MR315460, MR315784, MR500182, MR500199, MR500201, MR500272, MR500322, MR568402, MR360564, MR315815, MR500253
Four Seasons: 77483, 78483
Mitsubishi: AKC200A203M, AKC200A203S, AKC200A204P, AKC200A204S, AKC200A205N, AKH200A201A, AKH200A201B, AKH200A203, AKH200A203B
Omega: 20-11235
Proliance: 2534, 2534N
Visteon: 000450


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