Saturn LS, LW, LS1, LW1 A/C Compressor 2000 – 2001

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Saturn A/C Compressors
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Brand: TechChoice Parts  

Remanufactured A/C Compressor

Remanufactured Zexel DCV14J Air Conditioning A/C Compressor Complete With 5 Groove Clutch Assembly For Saturn LS, LS1, LW, And LS1.

2000 Saturn LS A/C Compressor
2001 Saturn LS A/C Compressor
2000 Saturn LS1 A/C Compressor
2001 Saturn LW A/C Compressor
2000 Saturn LW1 A/C Compressor

SKU: 100909 Part No: 61544

Saturn A/C Compressor Application Notes:

Zexel DCV14J A/C Compressor – 5 Groove Clutch 4.75″ Diameter, 1.23″ Gauge Line – Direct Mount (3 Boss) – Pin Coil @ 3 O’Clock – Stepped Ports

Attention! Measure the resistance (ohms) of the clutch coil of both your old compressor and this replacement before installing this compressor! This unit has been tested at the factory for a resistance of 3 – 5 ohms. This clutch assembly contains a diode that will fail if there is an electrical problem with your vehicle. Units with blown diodes after installation are not warranty failures, and will not be replaced free of charge. It is important that the failure cause be found if the original unit has a failed diode before installing the replacement unit.
The Accumulator or Filter Drier should always be replaced when the Air Conditioning System is opened.  (see why)  The Orifice Tube, if equipped, should always be replaced and the Expansion Valve, if equipped, should at least be inspected for proper operation if not replaced.  (see why)
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