AC Receiver Drier or Accumulator

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Welcome

Replace that AC Receiver Drier or Accumulator!!

The Air Conditioning Receiver Drier , sometimes referred to as the Filter Drier, functions just as its name would indicate: as the filter for the refrigerant system. There will always be an Inlet Hose and there will always be an Outlet Hose and both are typically cylindrical in shape. Receiver Driers are always used on AC systems which also have an Expansion Valve. When locating your Receiver Drier , you’ll find that they look similar to a metal tube or can, and will always be found on the high-side of the refrigerant system, usually between the Expansion Valve Inlet and the Condenser Outlet. If you have a late model vehicle, your Receiver Drier will likely be built into the AC Condenser. If your Drier is made into the Condenser, it can sometimes be serviceable, although sometimes it may need to be replaced with the Condenser.

Air Conditioning Accumulators are just like Filter Driers. They are both filters. The AC Accumulator is found on the low side, whereas the Filter Drier is found on the High Side. If your system has an Accumulator, you will also need to replace the Expansion Device for the system. In this case, it will always be an Orifice Tube.

There will always be a Dessicant Bag inside of either your Accumulator or Receiver Drier . As mentioned before, the purpose of the Dessicant Bag is to filter out both moisture and debris. When you take your AC System apart, you are allowing moisture to enter the System. This moisture is very harmful to the Dessicant because it diminishes its ability to filter properly. Because of this, it is highly advisable that you always replace eithe ryour Receiver Drier or Accumulator when opening the Air Conditioning System.

Replacing your Receiver Drier or Accumulator is similar to properly doing an oil change. If you go to your local garage to get your oil changed, they always replace the filter, right? This also applies to your vehicle’s AC System. If it is necessary to remove and replace an AC Compressor or any other AC part, make sure to also replace the Accumulator or Receiver Drier. Doing so also ensures you preserve your warranty.


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