Audi – Volkswagen A/C Compressor

Audi A/C CompressorVolkswagen A/C CompressorAudi is one of the most beloved vehicles available in the U.S. Audi is one of the luxury automakers from Germany and has competed with Mercedes-Benz and BMW for many years and has finally risen to the top. Thanks to over 20 years of victories in Rally racing, and Touring cars, Audi has successful mixed high luxury with high performance. And the results speak for themselves. With sales reaching 42 billion dollars and factories all over the world, Audi has created a brand that few can match, and will be known as the highest level of automobile manufacture in the world.

In many German vehicles, especially in older Audis the air conditioners are notorious for losing their cool. Audis are known for long lasting automobiles and will last forever. One of the first parts to fail is the air conditioning system. Over time the Freon tends to leak out of these cooling systems causing warm air to come out of air conditioning system. AC Parts House has your solution. With a large inventory for domestic and imports vehicles, AC Parts House has exactly what you’re looking for to keep your car COOL.

Tech Choice Parts and Audi Air Conditioning Parts is a match made in automotive compressor heaven.


Volkswagen AC Compressor

Volkswagen automobiles are some of the most popular cars in the world today. The VW Jetta Bettle and Passat have enjoyed great success in western developed nations as well as in Europe and parts of Asia. VW is yet another auto company that specializes in compact cars. This has given them an edge in a market the ever more fuel-efficient and environmentally-conscious. This shows up quite clearly in the popular of the VW models in youth around the world. The average VW owner is under 40, which also happens to be aligned with the green revolution and the revamping of the motor vehicle market.

In addition, Volkswagen’s environmental record is stronger than many other automakers. It is promoting work in “clean diesel” and more efficient fuel systems and modules. They are also at work on producing a top-notch hybrid to compete with the pervasive Prius. Also, the VW Golf 1.4 TSI was granted the “Auto Environment Certificate” by the Oko-Trend Institute for Environmental Research.

Regardless of which model of volkswagen ac compressor you have or why you bought it, one thing is sure, car parts need to be replaced on even the best cars. Have no fear – is here to service you every air cooling system need from 12v ac compressors to Sealing Ring Kits, Switches, and Thermostats.


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